The Championship Game

The TCL Championship will be decided this Wednesday night when the Spartans take on Cobra Kai.

Heading into the playoffs,the Spartans were considered a dark horse team.  Their inconsistency made people doubt their chances, but the fear of facing them at full strength was under the surface.  Cobra Kai on the other hand, were considered an also-ran.  Nobody expected them to make a run for the title.

Cobra Kai won all 4 matches between these 2 teams by a combined score of 14-5.  Despite these results, the Spartans finished 3 points ahead in the regular season.  Offensively, the teams were evenly matched having scored 51 and 50 goals respectively.  Ronalduy was his teams leading goalscorer and JJ also cracked the top 10.  For Cobra Kai, it was only Hadi in the top 10.  There was a big difference defensively though, as the Spartans only conceded 48 to Cobra’s 60.  However it should be noted that a quarter of the goals conceded by Spartans came at the hands of Cobra Kai.  These two teams kicked off the season against each other and will now finish it that way.  If the final is anything like that first game, we can expect a high-tempo, high-quality final.

So who will win?  We asked people for their predictions:

  • Alex Wong: Spartans are just too strong for Cobra Kai.  3-1 Spartans.
  • Ash Connor: With both teams showing such determination, it’s guaranteed to be a tight game.  I’m predicting a narrow victory for Cobra Kai.  The Spartans are likely to push them into extra time but Kai will clinch it.
  • Brad Leufkens: It’s a tough match to call, but the loss of Nico Ress may be too much to overcome for the Spartans.  Cobra Kai to win it in penalties.
  • Brian Lyons: I’ve got Cobra Kai 1-0.
  • Dan Newman: It’s difficult to predict the game.  Both teams are very strong.  I think Cobra Kai is better tactically but Spartans are better physically.  Cobra Kai to win on PK’s.
  • Fernando Ayala: I think Ivan is the Alex Ferguson of his era, he coaches his teams to championships every year.  On the other hand, Duy and JJ are thirsty for a TCL championship.  It’s a classic battle of one teams ability to keep their formation versus another teams individual players.  Soccer is a team sport so I have Cobra Kai winning 3-2.
  • John Altinian: The Spartans are good and I think they’ll win 1-0.
  • Natasha Trabulsey: I see JJ scoring a goal but Cobra Kai’s passing game will get them the win.  2-1 Cobra Kai.
  • Paul Callahan: My money’s on the Spartans.  Granted Cobra Kai have made a solid run, but I just think the clock is about to strike midnight on their Cinderella story.  Captain Duy is the league’s all-time leading scorer for a reason and I think he’s more motivated than ever to add a championship trophy to go with his Golden Boot.  Unlike finals of the past, I think this match will be decided in regulation time.  Spartans 3-2.
  • Theo Blanchard: The championship match is sure to be a great one.  These two teams are completely different.  Cobra Kai is technically sound and well organized, focusing on possession.  The Spartans on the other hand are an explosive team that can dominate with their size and talent.  it’s finesse vs brute force.  I predict that Cobra Kai will be able to weather the Spartan storm and Ivan walks away with a third championship…unfortunately.
  • Victor Cristiano: I’ve got Cobra Kai 4-2

It looks like people think that Cobra Kai will lift the trophy on Wednesday night.  Whoever lifts the trophy might need extra time to do it.  This will be the first season in which a 10 minute extra time period will be played, if there is no winner in regulation.  The extra time period will not be golden goal.  If the teams are still tied, it’s penalty shots.  The last 2 champions have been decided on penalties, hopefully this season is different!

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