Week 17 Results

Bayern Munich battled from a 1-0 deficit to defeat Calaveras FC 2-1. Real Deal maintained their position at the top of the champions league table with a 3-0 win over The Gunners

Bayern Munich vs. Calaveras FC
The weather outside may have been frightful but the indoor soccer action was de-fucking-lightful as Bayern Munich took on the new & improved Calaveras FC. Raghavender “The Goaltender” Maddi was slow out of the change-room as Mr.Clean wanted to get this game moving on time and thus chaos reigned early in the match as BM couldn’t figure out who was playing where. Calaveras was quick to pounce on a disorganized (i.e. business as usual) BM backline as Derek “Cha-Ching” Chan found a wide open “Ten Touch” Tyler Zeng who easily tapped the ball into an even more wide open net. After that Calaveras put on their chastity belts and denied BM any penetration. The only two solid chances BM could muster were a couple of wide-angle shots off the post by RonalDuy. Calaveras held the lead at half 1-0.

The grind didn’t stop in the second half as both teams bottled up the others’ offence. It was clear the next goal would determine the outcome of this game. And Calaveras almost had it! Salar “The Ship” Modarresi sent a rocket from just outside the box that Raghavender “The Goaltender” barely got his hand on. But it was enough to send the ball wide and keep the game within BM’s reach.

Midway through the 2nd half BM finally got their break. “Coach” Vega found a small opening and hammered a shot that Scott “I’m not a real goalie but I play one on TV” Tudo unfortunately directed right on to the foot of a charging Jeff “The Athlete” McCabe. 1-1. It was a brand new game with 10 minutes left… who would be the difference-maker?


Finally given a small amount of daylight, RonalDuy made a run and casually put one by Tudo on the short side to give BM their first lead of the game. Despite Calaveras’s flurry of pressure in the final minutes that 2-1 lead held up. Bayern Munich now gets their shot at first place next week. Watch out Real Deal.

Real Deal vs. The Gunners
The Gunners were aiming for top spot against a Real Deal squad who wasn’t willing to give it up.  The first half was hard fought with neither side giving the other much room to play.  The few chances that came up were put down by Bonner and Newman.  The half finished 0-0.

Shortly into the second half, Real Deal broke the deadlock.  Nasim found Metin wide open on the right wing and Metin put in a clinical finish to make it 1-0.  The Gunners piled numbers forward looking for the equalizer but they got caught up field.  Bonner made a save and then quickly threw the ball to an open Ivan on the right wing.  Ivan spun and hit the half volley which Newman did well to keep out, but the ball landed at the capable feet of Natasha who scored to make it 2-0.

The Gunners stormed forward and this time they hit hard and rattled a shot off the cross bar.  While Bonner was kissing the crossbar in appreciation, the Gunners rattled another one off the post.  Bonner started kissing the post in a way that some people might call “making out” but who are we to judge?

Then came a controversial moment that could’ve changed the complexion of the match.  Bonner handled the ball at what looked to be 2 feet outside of the area.  Ivan had a first hand look at it but surprisingly, nobody else seemed to notice.  “I was sure the referee was going to call it, I even stopped playing for a few seconds.  But when I looked around, nobody else seemed to notice.  I debated raising my hand and acknowledging the free kick but then thought that it was entirely inappropriate to tell the referee how to do his job.”  Rather than bringing the game into disrepute, Ivan took the high road and didn’t say anything.

Shortly thereafter Real Deal scored a third as Metin and Nasim once again linked up, this time Nasim finding the back of the net.  The match ended 3-0 and Kevin Bonner celebrated his first shut out of the season, well deserved!


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