Week 11 Results

Bayern Munich vs Hulkamaniacs
Coming in to this week’s games there was a lot of nervousness within the ranks of Bayern Munich. They had been on a tear, winning 3 in a row while steamrolling the competition, but now they had to incorporate 3 new players while dealing with the loss of some prized teammates. Less than a minute into the game, new acquisition Fernando “Xavi” Ayala split the defense with a pass so sublime that it caused “Neon” Leon Perelman to fall over. This pass landed on the golden boot of a streaking RonalDuy who potted it home with ease.
And with that, BM knew it was business as usual. Another quick goal by RonalDuy plus a rebound slammed home by Steve Malka made it 3-0 early.
The Hulkamaniacs didn’t just roll over however as they controlled the play for large swaths of the first half with their excellent ball control skills. The intense one-on-one battle between new Hulkamaniacs forward Derek “The Dragon” Chan and BM defender Daniel McNiece carried on for the full game. Chan ended up putting away two beautiful goals and was denied a third on a breakaway late in the game.
But the pattern continued for BM…
1. Score early
2. Bend, don’t break
3. Counter
In the 2nd half, RonalDuy completed his hat trick, Coach Vega scored 2, Malka added another, newcomer Jeffrey McCabe scored his first of the season. Final score: 8-2.
Bayern Munich steamrolls on. They expect to flatten Real Deal next.
PS – Yes, Fernando gets a new nickname in “Xavi” because, like the real life Xavi, Fernando plays midfield, makes great passes, and is from Mexico.

Real Deal vs The Gunners
Both teams were hungry for a win. Real Deal wanted to maintain their strong lead atop the table while The Gunners were trying to stay in the hunt for first. This game looked all blue early on as new acquisition Nasim “The Dream” Zoubeiri controlled the Real Deal attack and The Gunners couldn’t get much going past the nearly unbeatable defense of “Wild” Brian Lyons. The Real Deal pressure paid off as they opened the scoring when Zoubeiri cut down the left line and played a low ball into the middle of the box. Ted “Big Train” Guo misplayed his clearance and kicked the ball into his own net. The Gunners still could not find an answer, and Real Deal went back on the attack. Again Zoubeiri came in alone and played the ball through the wickets of keeper Dave Ashton. The ball trickled towards the line when Natasha “Hot Foot” Trabulsey tapped the ball in to claim the goal as her own. The Gunners were able to halve the Real Deal lead at half time when Dan “Boomin” Newman played the ball through a crowd and past the Real Deal keeper. The Gunners came out determined in the second half. Some beautiful tic-tac-toe passing gave Theo “The Body” Blanchard an open shot at the net. He made no mistake and tied the game up at 2-2. The score remained level, as strong defensive play by Kosta “Bowser” Zabashta, and “Wild” Brian Lyons shut down any scoring chances for both sides. Dan Newman, finally showing his age, limped towards his own net with a pulled calf, and donned the keeper gloves from Ashton. From then on it was Theo, Theo, Theo. He scored two goals mere seconds apart to give The Gunners a 4-2 lead. Trabulsey answered for her team as a blocked shot found its way to her foot. She took a low shot past Newman to pull her team within one. However Real Deal could find no way to contain Blanchard as he scored his fourth goal to regain the two-goal lead for his team. Real Deal’s late game pressure allowed “Iron” Mike Ermakov to add two more tallies on a counter-attack. This game ended with a decisive Gunners win over Real Deal, 7-3.


  1. wow man, I remember a different game. at least certain things that were omitted. . we had at least two off the post, and bunch of open chances and dominated you guys most of the game, with no subs. I guess that’s how the gunners play it back in their dreams.

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