Week 8 Preview

Renegades v Cobra Kai

If we had a second division, this game would involve two teams fighting relegation.  The first time they met was on November 2nd and it was Cobra Kai coming out 4-3 winners in a tight match.  Those were the “good days” for the Snakes as it’s been 5 straight losses after that.  Their injury problems have not gone away as Gojmerac, Guler and Trojanowski are all set to miss another match.  Upstart Fernando Ayala has scored in each of his last 3 matches, 2 of which the Renegades have won.  Good for them.

Spartans v D-Mentors

The Spartans will look to derail D-Mentors as they vie for title of Fall Champions.  D-Mentors will hope the Barons slip up in the next 2 weeks so they can snatch the coveted title from underneath them.  Having drawn 1-1 earlier in the season, this game promises to be another close one.  Both teams are ambitious, both teams are physical.  A lot of thugs.

Barons v Clubber Lang

A Barons win coupled with a D-Mentors loss/draw will earn them the honour of Fall Champs.  They’ll join an illustrious club that includes Real Deal from 2014/15 and Maestros FC from 2015/16.  The former went on to be champions and the latter were finalists, only losing out on penalties.  Being Fall Champs matters.  Clubber Lang welcomed back Alex Wong who scored a hat-trick last week.  He’s fixin’ to do it again, and Captain Callahan looks scared.  He’s definitely scared.


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