Week 7 Results

Renegades Climb out of Basement

In their previous meeting the Spartans had owned the Renegades, however the Renegades were on a one game winning hot streak and were feeling lucky on the night.

The Spartans were without striker Ronal-Duy, word is he was out Christmas shopping for his team. This impacted the Spartans in a great way, a little less bite up front. The Renegades came out firing taking a 3-0 commanding lead on goals from Brett, Alexis and Fernando. The Renegades were passing the ball well while The Spartans were trying to find their footing. General JJ was trying to rally his troops with motivational war cries. 

Relief came for The Spartans in the form of two goals as they fought back, The Renegades took their lead for granted and paid a price. However time ran out on the Spartans and The Renegades dream run of two wins in a row continues. 

In other action, D-Mentors derailed Barons with a 2-1 victory while Cobra Kai were skinned 5-4 by Mr. T.



  1. HA! I was about to shed a tear but then I just looked at the league standings….PS Baron’s also go by the name of Fall Champs

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