Fall Champs & Christmas Break

Fall Champions Crowned

Congratulations to Barons FC who clinched the title of Fall Champions last week.  They won an impressive 19 of 24 points having only lost one time.  The goal differential of +19 is unprecedented and that was fueled by the leagues top 2 goalscorers, Seamus Lynott & Andrew Winnett.  If history is any indicator, they’re favourites to make the final come April 26th.

Christmas Break

After this week’s matches, the league takes a break for the holiday season.  Action will resume on January 18th, giving everyone a full 3 weeks of rest.  It’s during the break that the team captains get together to assess the first half of the season.  One of the founding principles of the league is to ensure balance between the teams.  This is key to sustaining the league as everyone wants to stay competitive right until the very end.  In addition to team strength, we also consider team attendance.  This year has been more challenging because there’s a larger field and it’s hard to play a game with anything less than 8 players.  Some people hold positions in the company that require a lot of travel and therefore can’t attend all the games.

There will be player transfers in order to achieve both a competitive balance and a stable attendance record for all teams.  We appreciate that people like to play with their current teams and that nobody likes to move mid-season.  However to ensure the health of the league, changes need to be made.  Thank you in advance for your support of this very important balancing phase. 

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