Battle for the Golden Boot!

As we head into the second half of the season, an exciting battle for top goalscorer has developed!  See the top 5 below:

  1. Seamus Lynott – 11 goals
  2. Andrew Winnett – 11 goals
  3. Duy Nguyen – 10 goals
  4. Hadi Alnahlawi – 8 goals
  5. Neil Carey – 8 goals

Last years golden boot winner was Sean Kinsella, scoring an impressive 46 goals in 23 games.  The year before it was Duy Nguyen topping the league with 43 goals in 23 games.  The larger fields at the Hangar limits the goal-scoring opportunities and that’s why Kinsella’s record of 46 goals will likely hold for a long time.

Much like Rivaldo and Ronaldo did for Brazil, Lynott and Winnett are doing for Barons.  It’s well known that Brazilians are petty and like to compete with each other, is the same true for the Lyn-Win connection?  Neither player has denied it, for the record.  In third place we find the all time leading scorer, Duy Nguyen.  Ronalduy scores goals, that’s what he does.  Another familiar face sits in 4th place tied with a newcomer.  Neither Hadi nor Neil will register many assists, but they’ll fill the net each and every week.

Note: goals scored as a loan player do not count towards the Golden Boot.  They do however count to the all time goal-scoring statistics.


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