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The transfer window opened on January 1st with some big moves taking place.  The rumours were true and in a record transfer fee of 75 beers, Andrew Winnett is moving to Clubber Lang.  Winnett will no doubt help Clubber Lang, but the impact of his departure from Barons is cause for concern for Captain Callahan.  “Who can forget the quick decline of the Gunners in 2014/15 once Winnett left?  I’ve reached out to my bro Dave Ashton to ask him how I should handle this and he’s given me some tips.  We’re good”.  It’s not all bad news for the Barons as Kosta Zabashta is joining the team, having recently returned to the league.  Welcome back Kosta!

The Renegades were also working hard to secure a striker.  Theo Blanchard showed a shrewdness that would make JP Morgan jealous when he signed Neil Carey from D-Mentors.  The move is a bit unsettling for this writer who thinks the strong got stronger.  The D-Mentors used the funds from the sale to sign 2 new players in Alex Salcedo and Greg Kielbiski.  Welcome to the league gentlemen!

The remaining teams also signed new players.  Joining the Spartans is Hossein Haider.  Lastly, Cobra Kai signed Hamid Mirhashemi, who has played a few games in the league already, back in December.  Hossein and Hamid are welcome additions to the league.

See you on the 18th!

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  1. For the record, the beers were premium! I’d also like to take this time to claim David Ashton off waivers, in the event he comes out of retirement for a playoff push he can be Baron’s property!

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