Week 7 Preview

Direwolves lead the league by 5 points heading into week 7.

Direwolves (1) v Red Bulls (5)

Direwolves will look to avenge their only loss of the season when they take on Red Bulls.  Nobody wants to see them pull further ahead, so the whole league is behind Red Bulls this week.  It’s a big ask of Red Bulls who are missing at least 5 players due to crippling fear.

Emeralds (2) v Lightning (3)

Lightning won the first match 4-2 and they’ll be hoping Seamus will be dressed to face his old captain Paul Callahan.  For his part, Paul will be hoping to once again influence the referee to change his call.  By influence we mean intimidate.

Nightmares (4) v Vaders (6)

Goals continue to elude Vaders but their game play has been strong.  A tweak here and there might get them out of first gear.  There’s only one certainty from this game, if Nightmares win Metinho will have a report written by 7:05 pm.  If they lose, he’s busy.

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