Vaders Win!

Nightmares vs Vaders

The Evil Empire finally secured a victory in ‘lucky’ week 7. Vader’s Captain Fernando Ayala, who was sidelined with an injury for the match, was happy to hear about the win. Goals came from Brian (bicycle kick), Winnett (penalty shot) and Usama (diving header). Rogelio scored for the Nightmares solely to deny Frank the shutout. Vaders 3-1 Nightmares

Lighting vs Emeralds

This match had ‘playoff preview’ written all over it. The first half was dominated by the Lightning who peppered Brad like a steak, medium rare. Finally, Seamus drove deep down field and sent a beautiful pass to Aaron St. Bernard who tapped it in for a 1-nil lead. In the second half, however, the Emeralds would shine. In the dying seconds, hearing the whistle go on the other field, the team knew they were well into injury time. One last play, a desperate pass from Victor Cristiano to a diving Sam Modarresi buried the tying goal. Even the ref cheered for the green team in the end.  Lightning 1-1 Emeralds

Red Bulls vs Direwolves

The Primetime game was a vicious battle between two hungry predators. With Winnett loaned to red and David Ashton loaned to grey, this game was nothing short of competitive. John Altinian would arrive at half to give much needed support. John DiRe got the loan goal leading Red Bulls to victory. Both these squads now sit first and second on the ladder respectively. Winter is coming, which means its almost time to crown the fall champs. Who will it be? Red Bulls 1-0 Direwolves

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