Lightning Strike

Emeralds vs Red Bulls

The game started just as the week 1 purists expected. Emeralds came crashing out of the gate playing strongly on defense and generating chance after chance on the Red Bulls. Murat “The Man” Cokgezen stood strong and kept the game tied 0-0 at half time. The second half started slowly until Scott “Mt Everett” Thompson rejected a pass from Red Bulls… with his hands. A beautiful play in basketball but worthy of the first ever yellow card in this young league’s history. Red Bulls a man up got a little cocky and let Faiz “Flash” Moosafur streak in on a breakaway. A beautiful strike but off the crossbar and out of play! Red Bulls regrouped and played a short ball in Scott “The Spider” Tudo picked up the pass, made a short run, and poked the ball into the goal. 1-0 Red Bulls!

Emeralds, now on the attack, drove in hard but could not find an answer. Chances were traded on both sides as time ticked down. Emeralds drove in on attack but over-touched the ball, and granted Red Bulls a goal kick. Unhappy with the call, Captain Callahan took a page out of “The Toddler’s Handbook for Soccer” and screamed at the ref until Emeralds were granted a corner. Capitalizing on his captain’s tantrum, Sam “War Machine” Modarresi found paydirt as he smashed a beautiful half volley into the Red Bulls goal. 1-1! As time was close to expiring, Emeralds found themselves with one last kick-in deep in Red Bulls territory. John “Twinkle Toes” Altinian, finding inspiration from Emeralds’ earlier play, reached out a hand and stuffed the cross. A clear yellow card agreed the ref, but time had expired. Paul’s tantrums couldn’t save Emeralds twice, and this game ended as a 1-1 tie!

-David Ashton

Lightning vs Vaders

Fast forward to the second half, Seamus slipped through Dillon on the left who shot from a tight angle and put it through Frank’s legs. The Second goal came from a kick in – again Seamus whipped a ball into the box and a Vader player may have got the last touch as it went into their own net.

There was controversy on the final goal! The ref did not see the handball as Winnett tried to clear. Everyone stopped playing, but the ref didn’t blow his whistle and Seamus capitalized. Late in the game, there was a penalty shot for yellow with yet another hand ball, but the ref seemed to even things out by not awarding it. Frank gets a mention with several amazing saves.

-Seamus Lynott

Direwolves vs Nightmares

Nightmares entered the Wolves’ den this week in the primetime game and were mauled 3-1. Metinho will be hosting a live press conference on TSN to apologize to the fans.

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