Week 6 Preview

This week has 3 key battles as it’s 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th and 5th vs 6th.

Direwolves (1) vs Nightmares (2)

Expect a great match when these 2 teams battle for first place.  Both of these teams have won their last 2 matches and are looking to make it 3 wins in a row.  It’s not only first place that’s on the line, there’s also bragging rights in Infrastructure.  Dale Burgess & Scott Kamins against Brad Leufkens & Nico Ress, you don’t want to miss this primetime match!

Emeralds (3) vs Red Bulls (4)

Captain Callahan still smiles when he recalls his teams 5-1 win over Red Bulls to open the season.  While the Red Bulls genuinely like to see Paul happy, they want some joy of their own especially after the nightmare of last week.  The Bulls have been consistently inconsistent and hope to turn over a new leaf this week. When asked for a prediction, Zach Siewart said “Beat you down in week 1, beat you down in week 6.  Ouch!

Lightning (5) vs Vaders (6)

These 2 teams are a contrast in that Lightning is strong offensively but conceded a lot of goals while Vaders are the opposite, at least so far.  For their part, Vaders have the players to score goals and there’s no better time than the present to start doing that.  Who knows what to expect out of this match!

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