Direwolves Take the Helm

A hard fought victory on Wednesday night saw Direwolves ascend to the top. See the game reports below.

Direwolves Edge Out Lightning

What a match! It began with the undermanned Lightning; with only 1 substitute available, playing a conservative style.  On the flip side, the Direwolves, with a constant supply of fresh legs off the bench attacked in waves. Both teams had glorious chances but failed to score as goaltenders Murat Cokgezen and Brad Hughes guarded the net with passion even though both were loaned from other teams. The spirited first half ended at 0 – 0.

In the second half the hard fought battled continued as both teams withstood attacks and countered aggressively. It wasn’t until late in the game that Dale Burgess received a perfect pass which was just out of the reach of 3 exhausted Lightning defenders and scored the decisive goal with a devastating finishing touch. The frantic final moments of the game were not without controversy as a number of hand balls appeared to be ignored by the referee. The Lightning also had a goal disallowed due to a questionable goaltender interference call. Final score Direwolves 1 –  Lightning 0

Aaron St. Bernard

Nightmares Terrorize Red Bulls

They say in waging war you need a clear goal, otherwise you get bogged down.  This wasn’t the case in the land of Nightmares. General Trabulsey had a very clear goal: “Don’t let Altinian shoot.” When the game started, Altinian wasn’t there yet. And with almost a full team for the first time, the nightmares were coming wave after wave. The first goal came quick. Hans (I run like a beast) Wang passed to an open Daniel (the best defense is offence) Rubiano from a corner, and Daniel shot it straight into the net. A few minutes after, quick passes between Metinho and Hans, and before the ball could get to their General, it was booted in by a defender.  Then again only a few minutes after that, at the end of another series quick passes General Trabulsey showed how you lead: in the frontlines. It was 3-0 just like that.

At this point, Altinian was back and the Bulls were able to get their passing game together after their famed three star General Ivan (the terrible) Gojmerac put his foot down and showed who is boss.  The game turned just like that and now it was the Red Bulls turn. Shots from Golden foot Altinian (his last name literally has the word gold in it) and John Di Re came off Mutlu. But there is no stopping Altinian, so he shot one in.  The half time whistle was the only thing that stopped their momentum. Second half was a battle between the two sides. The Red Bulls putting in all they got, firing all cylinders but the Nightmares true to their name turned their half into a nightmare for the Bulls. Game ended 3-1.

Metinho Guler

Emeralds Vanquish Vaders

Vaders vs Emeralds in week 5 was the story of two teams in the basement, sitting 5th place and 6th place respectively.  Emeralds win-less since week one and Vaders Winnett-less since week two.  Both sides fought hard in this one, it was a scrappy affair. Emeralds would strike first with a beautiful goal from Sam Modarresi from an impossible angle on the left side.  Vader keeper Frank Alimena was quoted after as saying “There’s no way”.  Later in the first half there was a foul on Vader striker Fernando Ayala and the Men-in-Black were awarded a free kick on the edge of the box. They would make no mistake as Winnett quick touched the ball and Usama Nini put it top corner with authority on the week Emerald wall.  David Ashton compared the wall to a slice of Swiss Cheese.  1-1 at half.

The second half was all Vaders as they capitalized on the counter through the middle.  Emerald’s tough grind line and Zach Siewart and Hossein Haider muscled the ball up the field to a waiting Victor Cristiano. Italy may have been denied but he was not, scoring the game winner! Final Emeralds 2 – 1 Vaders

‘Pistol’ Paul Callahan



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