Week 5 Predictions

Fernando Ayala here with the inside scoop on week 5.

Red Bulls (1) vs Nightmares (4)

Similar teams on similar paths. Commissioner Ivan is back this week after missing his team’s big win last week vs Vaders. Oddly enough captain Natasha was missing last week in her team’s brilliant win over the menacing lightning as well. Perhaps their absences and wins have no connection, who’s to say?  Either way expect fireworks as striker Jose is coming off a hatrick for Nightmares FC and Red Bulls now have some momentum to build on.

Prediction: Nightmares FC to win 3-1

Emeralds (5) vs Vaders (6) 

Vaders are without Bob and Prem this week as they’re away for work. This team also lost last week so they’ll be looking to rebound. Emerald also lost last week but they should have most of their players there! Coach Paul said he expects a win from his team this week and a few goals from his star Defender David Ashton!

Prediction:  2-1 Vaders

Direwolves (2) vs Lightning (3)

Lighting is coming off their first loss last week, Seamus Lynott was missing for that game. Some people may have spotted him at a few Ireland World Cup qualifiers. Hopefully he shows and the dynamic due will be once again! Coach Alex Wong meanwhile isn’t worried, he expects his team to be at the top of the table after this week!

Prediction: Lightning 4-3

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