Week 3 Preview

Barons (WW) vs D-Mentors (WD)

It’s the leagues top offense against the leagues top defense.  The high-flying Barons have scored 13 goals in 2 games led primarily by Lynott and Winnett.  The D-Mentors are establishing themselves as one of the more physical teams in the league and if you’re going to score against them, you’ll have to earn it.  Burinski and Chattani don’t like to tip-toe through the tulips so be ready Barons.  Have the Barons benefited from facing depleted squads or are they really that good?  We’ll see on Wednesday.

Spartans (LD) vs Renegades (LL)

Two teams looking for their first win of the season will battle it out on Field #2.  Having faced both teams, this writer finds it difficult to predict the outcome. The Renegades pass the ball really well and have strong positional sense.  Last week’s loss was a close game that could’ve gone either way.  Sure, their honesty gets called into question at times, but this writer doesn’t like to judge. The Spartans will hope that JJ is available in week 3.  The Juggernaut will relish the prospect of dueling runs against Brett Baker of the Spartans.

Cobra Kai (WW) vs Clubber Lang (LL)

It’s the battle of the 80’s in the prime time match.  Cobra Kai is flying high with 2 wins to start the season.  In both games, the final was 4-3 with the winning goal coming late.  Clubber Lang faced contrasting fortunes with 2 losses in the opening matches.  They really need to kick-start their offense and they’ll be hoping that Dan Newman dons the teal jersey this season.  If he does, they’ll surely bring the pain they promised.

Be sure to tune in to the half-time show!


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