Week 3 Results

Barons vs D-Mentors

Week 3 in the TCL kicked off with a much anticipated matchup between the red hot D-Mentors FC versus the undefeated Barons FC.  Now you may be wondering, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Your guess is as good as mine, but this game was as close to answering the paradox as anyone has ever come!

Due to forces beyond their control, players from both teams found themselves running a little late to the dance. The party began with 5 a side at first, but as players trickled in, Commissioner Gojmerac, conducted a masterful symphony to orchestrate additional players into the game until the match was fully charged to 7 a-side.  The first 30 minutes of this tilt were extremely tight. Both squads refused to give up any ground. Plenty of chances by the D-Mentors had the Barons on their heels forcing “Force field” Bonner to literally bail them out of jail over and over.  The score was nil-nil at half, with both teams hungry for the first goal.

The second half immediately began with a much more open and offensive feel.  Barons opened the floodgates with a flurry of 4 unanswered goals.  Reaching a boiling point, D-Mentors Captain John Burinski took matters into his own hands with a blazing fast rush down the wing and fired a missile into the back of the net.  Baron’s would respond with 2 more goals to put the nail in the coffin.  6-1 Final score! Baron’s remain undefeated!


Spartans vs Renegades

In their much anticipated first meeting of the season, there was huge speculation as to which team would walk away with their first win.  The Spartans opened up the scoring with their fearless captain Duy leading the way and scoring a quick goal.  JJ followed with a rocket that vaulted the Spartans into a strong 2-0 lead at half time.

During the second half, the Renegades swapped their keeper in an attempt to gain momentum.  When captain Theo asked for volunteers, everyone put their head down.  That is, everyone except for Alexis Yearwood who sacrificed for the team.  Unfortunately the Renegades couldn’t get into a rhythm and fell further behind thanks to a resurgent Duy.  Most of the Renegades squad was up late the previous night, celebrating Trumps triumph in the US Presidential election.  The game finished 5-0 to the Spartans.


Cobra Kai vs Clubber Lang

In the primetime match, a depleted Clubber Lang called on some loan players take on Cobra Kai. While it’s now known where most of their absentees were, we do know where Julio was. With Venezuela hosting Bolivia in a World Cup Qualifier, the pre-drinking started on Wednesday.  It was Clubber Lang who drew first blood with a Winnett left footer that beat Cobra Kai keeper Mutlu. Looking for their points of the season, this goal lifted the spirits of the CL players who kept pushing for more. The half ended 1-0.

The second half was similar to the first in that it was very tight and not a lot of changes were generated. The ones that did come up were pushed aside by Bonner and Mutlu. In the end it was Clubber Lang getting their first win of the season by a 1-0 scoreline.




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