Tight Race Just Got More Tight

Week 19 gave us no answers as 5 teams continue to fight for spots 2 through 6.  The last 2 weeks of the season see back to back matches.

The D-Mentors and Cobra Kai both won last night and sit in second and fifth place respectively.  Christy G raised his game when his team most needed it and scored a natural hat-trick against Clubber Lang.  Heading into the final two weeks, the D-Mentors’ destiny is in their own hands.  Two wins will be enough for second place regardless of the other results.  For Cobra Kai to get second, they need to win both matches and get some help in the other games.  They’ll be without captain Ivan, who was the target of a vicious tackle by opposing captain Theo.  He hopes to be back in time for the quarter-finals.

The Barons could face Spartans for three weeks in a row.  Should they beat Spartans both times, it’s likely that Duy’s team would finish in last place thereby guaranteeing a quarter-final match up against Barons.  Rumour has it that the Barons want to avoid the Spartans in the playoffs.  If they lose their last two games against them, this feat can be accomplished.  Having spoken to their players after last night’s loss, they made it clear that they lay down for nobody.  The Spartans likely need two wins if they want to finish in second place.

Clubber Lang currently sit at the bottom of the table after Christy put on a clinic against them.  They’re unlikely to climb to second place or even third, but fourth is definitely within reach.  They’ve been quite open about their desire to face Cobra Kai in the quarter-finals.  Be careful what you wish for.  The Renegades were in second place prior to last night’s matches and their goal is to get back there next week.  They haven’t played Clubber Lang since January when they won a tight game 3-2.

Good luck to all the teams in the final 2 weeks of the regular season!


  1. The failing lamestream media is once again offering nothing but FAKE NEWS!

    Christy actually dominated the Barons.
    It was JJ who dominated Clubber Lang (although he didn’t get the hat trick, SAD!)

  2. It’s interesting how every team besides the Barons has 7 wins this far into the season. Good job to the managers overall for putting together teams that are quiet even strength-wise. Can’t wait for the playoffs.

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