The Final Countdown

Week 20 solidified the top two spots on the league table with the Barons and D-Mentors clinching first and second respectively.

We’re headed to the playoffs together, but still its farewell. The last week of the regular season will have important playoff implications. A much anticipated Clubber Lang and Renegades re-match will potentially yield a 3rd place finisher with victory from either squad, while a draw could open the door for Spartans or Cobra to leap frog with a win. The Barons vs Spartans is also very interesting as the Spartans are still jockeying for position and could finish anywhere between 3rd and 6th. A win against the Baron’s will help their cause, but they will still need some luck on their side to finish as high as 3rd.  In the Primetime matchup, despite the D-mentors having clinched 2nd, you know that they will be looking to tame the fierce Cobra Kai who are playing to avoid finishing in the basement and schedule a first round playoff matchup against Barons.

While we wait for the dust to settle, stay tuned for more information on the upcoming playoffs

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