Tight Race Continues

Last nights results only made the race tighter. While the Barons have secured first place, the other 5 teams are jockeying for position. Will we see some gamesmanship in the final weeks? Even if teams are more or less balanced throughout the league, some teams match up better against certain opponents.

There are 3 weeks left in the regular season and the last 2 are back-to-back matches:

Cobra Kai v D-Mentors
Spartans v Barons
Clubber Lang v Renegades

The picture might be more clear after next week, or maybe it won’t be. One thing is for sure, the end to the regular season has never been this tight!

One comment

  1. Can’t believe Spartans won without Sam and Duy. Still can’t get over losing to the Barons when we had so many chances… Grrrrrrrrrr….

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