The Last Week of the Regular Season

The last week of the regular season will see some teams jockeying for position heading into the playoffs. Let’s take a look at the playoff scenarios.

Quarter-Final #1: Scorpions v Titans

Quarter-Final #2: Orange Crush vs Sharks/Legacy

Sharks and Legacy go head to this week to determine who gets to play (or avoid playing) Orange Crush. They sit even on points but the Sharks have the advantage in goal difference. This means that Legacy must defeat Sharks in order to secure 6th place, a draw will not be enough for them.

Quarter-Final #3: Top Dogs/Rebels vs Sharks/Legacy

The Top Dogs are favourites to finish in 3rd place due to their 2 point lead and (+11) goal difference over the Rebels. A draw this week against the Titans is all they need to be sure of 3rd place. They can even afford to lose the game if the Rebels fail to beat Scorpions. A quarter-final match-up against the winner of Sharks/Legacy awaits them.

Quarter-Final #4: Bandits vs Top Dogs/Rebels

The Bandits are definitely finishing 4th/5th and the only question is who will they play in the quarter-finals. According to the current standings that would be the Rebels unless they manage to leapfrog the Top Dogs, as mentioned above.

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