Quarter-Final Preview

The playoffs are here, forget what happened over the past 24 weeks because the real season starts now! Check out the “Tale of the Tape” for each of the quarter-final match-ups.

Scorpions vs Titans

  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 3 for Scorpions, 1 for Titans
    • Most Recent: 2 weeks ago, 3-2 for Titans
    • Goals: 16 for Scorpions, 11 for Titans
  • Overall
    • Standings: Scorpions 1st, Titans 8th
    • Offense: Scorpions 1st, Titans 6th
    • Defense: Scorpions 2nd, Titans 8th
  • Quotes
    • Miekela Singh: “You’re in this league for a reason – to win. Win the ball, win a new friend and share your winning smile. If you lose to the Scorpions don’t worry, because everyone does.”
    • Andre Chan: “Titans to pull through and overcome the Scorpions venom.”

Orange Crush vs Legacy

  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 1 for Crush, 2 draws
    • Most Recent: March 6th, 1-1 draw
    • Goals: 3 for Crush, 2 for Legacy
  • Overall
    • Standings: Crush 2nd, Legacy 7th
    • Offense: Crush 5th, Legacy 8th
    • Defense: Crush 1st, Legacy 5th
  • Quotes
    • Aaron St. Bernard: “Legacy has been one of the hottest teams in the league, but we plan to cool them off quickly with some…Orange Crush!”
    • Fernando Ayala: “We’re gonna put the squeeze on Orange Crush and make some OJ on Wednesday night!”

Rebels vs Bandits

  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 1 win each and 1 draw
    • Most Recent: Feb 20th, 4-4 draw
    • Goals: 12 for Rebels, 9 for Bandits
  • Overall
    • Standings: Rebels 4th, Bandits 5th
    • Offense: Rebels 3rd, Bandits 4th
    • Defense: Bandits 4th, Rebels 7th
  • Quotes
    • Samina Basaria: “Those thieves will not attack us, Rebels stand strong!”
    • Sam Shareski: “We’ve been lined up to play the Rebels for months now, so we’re prepared. It’s not going to be an easy win, but we’re not worried.”

Top Dogs vs Sharks

  • Head to Head
    • Wins: 2 wins for Sharks, 1 for Top Dogs and 1 draw
    • Most Recent: 2 weeks ago, 5-4 Sharks
    • Goals: 11 for Top Dogs, 7 for Sharks
  • Overall
    • Standings: Top Dogs 3rd, Sharks 6th
    • Offense: Top Dogs 2nd, Sharks 7th
    • Defense: Top Dogs 3rd, Sharks 6th
  • Quotes
    • Tomas Dauden: “Sharks? They are toothless. The Top Dogs will celebrate our 3-1 victory in Caribbean style: Bake and Shark for dinner!”
    • Mily Chen: “My completely unbiased view is that Sharks will win 3-2. Their key players are no longer tied up by work or honeymoons!”

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