Playoff Scenarios

The playoff picture is a bit more clear after last week’s games.

1st vs 8th – Scorpions vs Titans

The first quarter-final is set and it’s Scorpions vs Titans. While it’s fair to say that Crush can still catch the Scorpions, the tie-breaker is goal difference which lies heavily in Scorpions favour at a +16. The Titans won last week but so did Legacy, thereby ending any hopes of climbing to 7th place.

2nd vs 7th – Crush/Dogs vs Sharks/Legacy

Crush hold a 5 point lead over the Top Dogs and are expected to hold on for 2nd place. Their quarter-final opponent will be one of the Sharks or Legacy who are currently even on 23 points. They’re almost even on goal difference as well, with the Sharks having a +1 advantage. These two teams played each other last week and will play again next week. This race will go down to the wire.

3rd vs 6th – Dogs/Rebels/Bandits vs Sharks/Legacy

The Top Dogs currently sit 2 points ahead of the Rebels who in turn sit 2 points ahead of the Bandits. None of these teams play each other in the last 2 weeks so they’ll have to focus on their own games. Whoever takes 3rd place will face either the Sharks or Legacy, as already mentioned.

4th vs 5th – Dogs/Rebels/Bandits vs Dogs/Rebels/Bandits

Any combination of these 3 is possible and that makes this the most exciting race heading into the playoffs. Every one of these teams is staying tight-lipped about who they prefer to face in the quarter-finals.

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