Playoff Picture Still Unclear

With 3 weeks left in the regular season, the playoff picture is still unclear.

The last three weeks of the season have an interesting twist. Weeks 22 & 24 have identical match-ups. Week 24 was originally scheduled on Feb 6th but the snowstorm closed the Hangar and it was subsequently moved to the end of the season. Teams can really hurt each others ambitions heading into the playoffs.

The Quarter-finals will follow the expected format with 1st playing 8th and so on. Here are the potential QF match-ups.

1st vs 8th: Scorpions/Crush/Top Dogs vs Titans/Legacy

The Scorpions sit 4 points ahead of Crush and 8 ahead of Top Dogs. It’ll likely be too big of an ask for Top Dogs to get to 1st place but Crush are definitely in contention. Whoever comes out on top will most certainly face the Titans who sit 8 points behind Legacy with only 9 points left on the table.

2nd vs 7th: Crush/Top Dogs/Rebels/Scorpions vs Legacy/Sharks

Crush currently holds a 4 point lead over Top Dogs and 6 points over Rebels. While the lead does appear comfortable, Crush will have to face Rebels next week which could prove decisive should Rebels beat Scorpions tonight. The Top Dogs on the other hand, have 2 matches against the Titans who have struggled to field a full team most of the season. They could very well nip into 2nd place. On the other side we have Sharks and Legacy who play each other twice in the last 3 weeks. The Sharks currently hold a 3 point lead but it’s too early to tell what happen in this battle.

3rd vs 6th: Top Dogs/Rebels/Bandits/Crush vs Sharks/Legacy

The Bandits will have to beat Crush twice if they want to nip 3rd place. Even if they do, they’ll need Rebels to slip up in the last 3 weeks. The odds are stacked against them but that’s just how they like it. The opponent would be Sharks or Legacy which as stated earlier, will be a tight finish.

4th vs 5th: Some combination of Top Dogs/Rebels/Bandits

This is one of the hardest match-ups to predict so we won’t try. Rebels face Scorpions twice, Bandits face Crush twice and Top Dogs face Titans twice. What do you think?

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