The Week of the 6 Pointer

A “6 Point Match” is one in which the two teams are very close to each other in the standings and the result could swing the balance by 6 points. All of the weeks match-ups are between teams that are right beside each other in the standings.

Scorpions (1) vs Orange Crush (2)

There is one point separating the 1st place Scorpions and 2nd place Crush. A win for Scorpions will put them four points ahead while a win for Crush puts them 2 points ahead. These teams have traded wins but their most recent match was a 1-1 draw. It’s the leagues top offence against the top defense.

Top Dogs (3) vs Rebels (4)

The Dogs currently enjoy a comfortable five point lead over the Rebels. If they avoid defeat to the green machine, they’ll be almost assured of at least 3rd place. Top Dogs have won two of the three matches between these teams, with Rebels winning the other.

Bandits (5) vs Sharks (6)

The Bandits are currently four points ahead of the Sharks and will likely finish anywhere from 4th to 6th place. The Sharks can climb as high as 5th or even drop to 7th. The season series is 2-1 for Bandits and if they win tonight, they can feel confident of finishing no lower than 5th place.

Legacy (7) vs Titans (8)

A win for Legacy would move them closer to 6th place. It would also ensure that Titans will finish in 8th. The season series is 2-1 for Legacy. While the Titans are likely to finish in 8th, they can still build momentum heading into the playoffs.

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