Semi-Final Preview

The semi-finals host 2 exciting match-ups that you shouldn’t miss.  The games will be played back-to-back so all teams can scout out potential opponents for the finals!

D-Mentors (2) vs Cobra Kai (6)

  • Season Series – D-Mentors with 4 wins, 1 loss.  19 goals scored with 10 conceded
  • Offense – D-Mentors 6th, Cobra Kai 4th
  • Defense – D-Mentors 1st, Cobra Kai 4th

The D-Mentors finished second place in the regular season but they squeaked into the semi-finals on a wildcard spot.  They’re still favourites heading in as they won 4 of 5 against Cobra Kai this season, including the double in the last 2 weeks of the season.  Some say they already have 1 foot in the finals.  To prepare for Cobra Kai, Christy and Burinski purportedly rented a mule on the weekend and beat it senseless.  Cobra Kai, known lovers of all animals did not take kindly to this.

Spartans (4) vs Clubber Lang (5)

  • Season Series – Spartans won all 4 matches, 17 goals scored with 8 conceded
  • Offense – Teams tied for 2nd
  • Defense – Spartans 3rd, Clubber Lang 6th

The Spartans tamed the Renegades in the quarter-finals, albeit in unspectacular fashion.  Considering that Renegades could barely field a squad, the pundits picked Spartans to win with ease.  The important thing is that they won and now it’s Clubber Lang who stands in their way of realizing their life-long dreams of being TCL champions.  Clubber Lang boast arguably the best 3-prong attack in the league in Newman-Wong-Winnett.  That attack will need to be firing on all cylinders to sink the Spartans.

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