Semi-Final Draw

The draw for the semi-finals of the Teachers’ Champions League took place this morning.  It was conducted by Paul Callahan and in attendance were Nicholas Ress for the Spartans, Daniel Newman for Clubber Lang, Christy Gnanapragasam for D-Mentors and Ivan Gojmerac for Cobra Kai.

The format was random with one caveat in that Clubber Lang and D-Mentors could not be drawn together, having just played a quarter-final match up.  The keepers were pre-assigned to timeslots, which meant that Murat was assigned to the 6 pm home team slot.  The first team drawn was D-Mentors who took the 6 pm home team slot.  Then it was Spartans who took the 7 pm home team spot.  This meant that Cobra Kai would be the 6 pm away team because Clubber Lang and D-Mentors could not be drawn against each other.

  • D-Mentors vs Cobra Kai (6 pm)
  • Spartans vs Clubber Lang (7 pm)

A semi-final preview will be provided next week.

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