Cobra Kai and Spartans Win!

Cobra Kai squeaked out a 1-0 victory over the D-Mentors in the fist semi-final. The news ahead of the match was that both teams were healthy with the exception of Prem Chattani for D-Mentors and Dan Trojanowski for Cobra Kai.

The first half was a cautious affair for both teams and neither pushed forward with a lot of ambition.  It was in early in the second half when the goal game.  Ivan received a pass on the left side of midfield and hit a quick low pass across the face of goal to find Raghav, who made the ground shake with his thunderous finish.  Like all playoff games, the intensity increased and D-Mentors started piling on the pressure.  There were a lot of blocked shots and a lot of great saves by Mutlu in the Cobra Kai net.  The final whistle blew and Cobra Kai are in the championship game.

Congratulations to the D-Mentors on a great season.  Having finished second place in the regular season and nearly making the finals, they can hold their heads up high.  They had some attendance issues this season, which makes it harder for teams to gel.  Despite this they performed admirably.

In the second semi-final, the Spartans stopped Clubber Lang 3-0.  The Spartans were missing Alex, Dylan and Arsalan while Clubber Lang were without Suleman and Victor.

Clubber Lang started well and had some good chances but couldn’t beat Brad Hughes.  It was the Spartans who struck first against the run of play when JJ made a characteristic run and hammered the ball into the back of the net.  The only thing that would’ve made the goal nicer is if he was wearing his Spartans jersey.  In the second half, Spartans scored 2 more goals.  The first came when Hossein got his foot to a cross and put it past Kevin Bonner.  This was Hossein’s first goal in the league and it was a beauty.  With Clubber Lang pushing forward, Spartans had more space to work with and Yi Nan scored the third goal.  Yi Nan said that he didn’t really need the extra space, but it was nice nonetheless.

Clubber Lang had an interesting season as the second half was much better than the first.  Between players being more available and signing new players, they were a beast in the second half of the season.  Their fast-faced possession style game was a joy to watch.

The championship match will see the Spartans take on Cobra Kai.  Be there on Wednesday at 6 pm to catch the action!

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