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Vaders vs Direwolves

Although Vaders v Direwolves featured the 1st and 6th place teams, it was far from a mismatch. The Vaders were confident from last week’s win, and applied pressure from the start.Meanwhile, the Direwolves were forced to defend and had few opportunities in the opening half. However, despite some close calls, Kevin stayed strong in net for the Direwolves, and the opening half finished at 0-0.

The second half opened with more pressure from the Vaders, leading to a corner. Andrew Winnett was able to get on top of the ball near the box and drill a powerful shot into the net. 1-0 Vaders.Finding themselves down a goal, the Direwolves played with more urgency. The tide began to shift, and soon enough Alex Wong found himself with a few spare seconds in range of the Vaders’ net. He made no mistakes and put an unreachable shot into the corner, tying up the game.

In the closing minutes, the Direwolves pressed hard to find the winner, but the Vaders defended stubbornly. Frank made some brilliant saves, including a quick reflex block of a header inside the box, to keep it even.

Direwolves 1 – 1  Vaders


Red Bulls vs Lightning

There were reports of multiple Lightning strikes last night!

After allowing a last second goal to end in a draw last week the Lightning were determined to come away with a victory and surged from the get go in last night’s match. Seamus Lynott scored two first half goals to power the squad to an early 2 -0 lead

At the half he gave an inspiring speech about the importance of scoring the next goal; and 10 seconds into the 2nd half he scored his third of the night from nearly impossible angle.

The night finished with Seamus scoring a total of 4 goals in the Lightning’s 5 – 0 rout of the RedBulls.As impressive as Seamus was offensively, Prathesh Senthil was brilliant in net, denying the aggressive RedBulls attack any goals on their scoring opportunities.

The Lightning have only allowed 3 goals in their last 4 games as the defense and goaltending appear to be rounding into form.

Lightning 5 – 0 Red Bulls


Nightmares vs Emeralds

Emeralds versus Nightmares was an intense match from start to finish. Emeralds would open the scoring with a tic-tac-toe play from defensive juggernaut David Ashton, finished by Super Mario with a thundering left. Nightmares would battle back with a rocket from Rogelio at the top of the box. “Can’t see”, yelled Emerald’s keeper Brad Hughes, but it was too late. 1-1 at half.

In the second half, Nightmares striker Hans Wang would storm down the middle and shot it top corner. Brad definitely saw this one. Emeralds were down but not out, a nice pass from Sam to a pressing Paul Callahan tied the game 2-2. A couple controversial calls late as the ref awarded Emeralds a penalty shot for a handball in the box. Nightmare skipper Natasha demanded to know who was really reffing the game? With pressure mounting, Victor Cristiano, who normally has laser beam put it high and over the net. Natasha indicated this was clearly karma for influencing the ref. Sam scored the game winner on cheeky angle,  his second game winner in as many games. Emeralds were relieved to hear the final whistle on this tilt as Nightmares battled to the very end and came very close to tying it.

Emeralds 3 – 2 Nightmares



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