Direwolves Fighting to be Fall Champions

This is Vlad Moisseykin bringing you a preview of week 9 in which Direwolves could secure the title of Fall Champions.

Direwolves (1) v Emeralds (3)

The last time these two teams met, the crowd at the Hangar was treated to the most entertaining 1:0 game anyone could remember, with Direwolves securing a narrow margin of victory. Will Kaveh be the difference maker again this week? Or will Alex’s squad have a few tricks up their sleeves?

Only 2 points separate these teams at the top of the league table. A winning effort by the Emeralds would catapult them past Direwolves in the standings prior to pivotal last game of 2017.

Lightning (2) v Nightmares (5)

While many are pondering a more iconic duo than Seamus and Dillon (I’ll wait!), the Lighting team is menacing at both ends of the pitch. It may be that the only weakness the Lighting have so far this season is Seamus’ lack of a photo on the website.

Nightmares present a worthy opponent to Lightning this week.  They will be looking to channel their inner Anton Chigurh to mercilessly scare Lighting into submission.

Red Bulls (4) vs Vaders (6)

In a highly anticipated matchup of teams that, at times, looked much better off the pitch than on it, Vaders and Red Bulls meet in this prime time affair.  Vaders expect a full squad – perhaps given that the Last Jedi instalment does not hit the theatres until Thursday.

The soccer gods may favour the team in black: there can only be one team in red that wins a prime-time matchup this week (shout-out to TFC!)

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