Week 6 Results

The battle for the Toronto Champions League mid-year supremacy was the key matchup on Thursday evening with Blue Lightning taking on the Bad Apples.

Blue Lightning came out storming and controlled the first half of the game. Vince the “Cannoli” Castronovo struck first with a rebound perfectly set up by Gabe the “God”! Two other goals were added late in the half and with solid defense by Brad the “Lockdown” Leufkens, Ivan the “Go Home” Gojmerac, Julio the “Arretez” Araujo and Leon the “Please get out of my house” Perelman, the Blue Lightning ended the half up 3-0 and top stop was theirs to lose.

The second half began with a change in goal by the Bad Apples which turned out to help turnaround their play as they posted an early goal to get back in the game at 3-1. However, a snipe by Gabe the “God” forced another goaltender switch from the Bad Apples and ended up being costly as the game winner. A late rally by the Bad Apples was countered by another 2 Blue Lightning goals, resulting in the Lightning coming out on top with a 6-3 victory.   Great effort from both sides.

In other action, Whitewalkers overturned a 4-1 deficit to win 5-4.  What does the Black Team need to do to win a match?  In the late game, Maestros blanked OTPP Utd 2-0.

Vince “the Cannoli” Castronovo

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