Week 6 Preview

Bad Apples (WDDWW) vs Blue Lightning (LWWWL) 6 pm

It’s first vs second as the undefeated Bad Apples take on Blue Lightning.  The team who sits in first place before the Christmas break gets the title of Fall Champions.  A win for the Apples will just about get them there.  For their part, the Lightning have 2 players who were fall champs last year so they have the pedigree.

Prediction: 4-2 Bolts

The Black Team (LLLLL) vs Whitewalkers (WDDLW) 6 pm

The All-blacks have to get it done this week.  Starting the season with 5 losses was unexpected and they need to step it up.  For the most part they’ve held their own this season but the ball just isn’t rolling in their favour.  The Whitewalkers are not known for showing mercy and this week will be no different.  With a win this week, they’re in position to be Fall Champs.

Prediction: 3-1 Whitewalkers

Maestros (WWDLL) vs OTPP Utd (LLDWW) 7 pm

These two teams are on opposite trajectories after the first 5 matches.  Maestros started well but are now struggling while OTPP Utd picked it up after a slow start.  Rumour has it some key players are missing for OTPP Utd and their ability to cope will be put to the test.

Prediction: Maestros 3-0




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