Week 5 preview

The big news this week is that Manchester Utd has officially changed their name to THE GUNNERS.  They’ll be taking aim at the Real Deal this week with the hopes of bringing their 4 game winning streak to an abrupt halt.  Dan Newman is expected to remain between the pipes on Thursday.  The last time these 2 teams met was in week 2 where the Real Deal came out 3-2 winners in a tight affair.  Will the name change help the Gunners?  Louis Van Gaal thinks so!

In the other match, Bayern Munich will be looking to quash the Catalans of Barcelona.  Andrew Dias was quoted as saying that Catalonia is not a country, only a region in Spain.  Will the Barca players let this provocation go unanswered?  We’ll find out on Thursday.


  1. The other big news in Week5 is that it is Dave Ashton’s bday. No doubt he’ll be looking to score on, and off, the field – so watch out!

  2. Thanks Pauly! My birthday wish is for you to finally get on the scoresheet. Too bad these things never come true

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