Week 5 Results

This week’s action saw The Gunners handing Real Deal their first defeat of the season in a 5:1 routing while Hulkamaniacs (formerly Barcelona) drew with Bayern Munich in a high scoring affair.

Hulkamaniacs vs Bayern Munich
The Hulkamaniacs ran wild in the 1st half of their match-up with a depleted Bayern Munich squad. Clearly Fernando “Mouth from the South” Ayala had taken his vitamins and said his prayers and was rewarded with his first (and likely last) goal of the season. Somehow the world didn’t end on that event and the Hulkamaniacs added another before the half. Bayern was down on the canvas but not out! Coach Vega made some tactical position changes that resulted in a flurry of offense in the 2nd half. The comeback started on a long run by Duy Nguyen who split the defence and drilled the ball home. The game was soon tied on another Duy goal. That’s when this game turned into a barn-burner! Hulkamaniacs up 3-2! Bayern ties! Bayern goes ahead 4-3! The Hulkamaniacs hulk up one more time to get the equalizer! 4-4! Which is how it ended folks — nobody going home happy but everybody looking forward to the next battle.

Real Deal vs The Gunners
With Real Deal undermanned this game began as a five-a-side contest. Early in the match, Gunners keeper David Ashton blundered when he stepped out of his box with ball in hand to award a free kick from five yards out. Ivan Gojmerac picked up a short pass but fired it into the orange wall. The ball was played to Dan Newman on the counterattack who fired his strike wide of the target. The Gunners increased their pressure, amounting to a marvellous opportunity. Mike Ermakov played the ball across the box to Dan Newman who slammed a shot past the Kevin Bonner but not past the post. The game remained scoreless until late in the first half when Mike Ermakov walked into the opposing box and put the ball across the far side of the Real Deal keeper. The first half ended 1:0 in favour of The Gunners. Real Deal kicked off determined to level the playing field. They attacked the Gunners net but struggled to get a shot on target. Finally The Gunners were able to break free of the Real Deal pressure. Andrew Winnett picked up a pass at the halfway line and streaked up the field, cutting and dancing his way past Real defenders. He found himself face-to-face with the intimidating figure of Kevin Bonner but, without hesitation, unleashed a strike past the keeper. For the second time, a Gunners shot found iron but the ball ricocheted to the foot of Daniel Newman who fired a strong volley past the keeper to double the Gunners’ lead. The Real Deal squad was not demoralized, and continued to play as if they had fresh legs and 10 years off their age. Jeff McCabe took control of a pass near his own net and maneuvered his way past Andrew Sharp. As he distributed the ball upfield he fell, either by the foot of Andrew Sharp or his own, and his evening came to an end. Up a man, and with only seven total upfield players on the pitch the game opened up for The Gunners. With the Real Deal defenders playing high, Daniel Newman controlled the ball at half and had nobody to beat but the keeper. He made no mistake and placed the ball into the back of the net to put the game nearly out of reach. Real Deal would not let up their pressure and won a corner kick. Ivan Gojmerac fired the corner towards the Gunners net where keeper David Ashton attempted an ill-advised save, knocked the ball off of the inside of his leg, and embarrassingly ended his own bid at a clean sheet, simultaneously giving Real Deal a sign of life. With Kevin Bonner having to play far off his line, Theo Blanchard attempted a long chip but bounced his shot off the crossbar. Kevin hand balled the rebound while outside his box giving The Gunners another glorious opportunity, but they were unable to convert the free kick. Still invigorated from their goal, Real Deal was willing to do whatever it took to win, culminating in a blatant hand ball by Metin Guler on his own goal line to keep out an Andrew Winnett shot. Winnett was rewarded with a penalty shot and made no mistake, burying the shot and finally ended the comeback bid. Daniel Newman added another late goal from a tough angle, giving him the hat trick, and handing Real Deal their first loss of the season. Gunners took this game with a decisive 5:1 victory.


  1. Btw, Jeff got injured when it was still 1-0. Just thought I would point it out, because we started well in the second half until he got injured 🙂

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