Week 5 Preview

Barons (WWWD) vs Cobra Kai (WWLL)

Barons FC are the only team yet to taste defeat this season.  Last week saw a small chink in the armour as they dropped their first points of the season in a 1-1 draw with the Spartans.  Captain Callahan has established a standard of excellence and his Barons will not be happy with anything but a win on Wednesday night.  Cobra Kai have two in a row and need to get their season back on track.  Captain Gojmerac will be unavailable for at least two weeks, being sidelined with an injury.  This will not deter the snakes though, they’re ready for the battle.

Renegades (LLLL) vs D-Mentors (WDLW)

How in the world are the Renegades 0-4?  Losing goalkeeper Charles Yang before the season was a devastating blow and if they had him they’d surely be higher up in the standings.  They’ll be hoping that Brett Baker is healthy this week so that he can establish control in the midfield.  The D-Mentors are brimming with confidence after last week’s performance.  They currently sit in second place and are aiming to topple the Barons from their perch.

Spartans (LDWD) vs Clubber Lang (LLWW)

The Spartans felt they should’ve beat the Barons last week.  Not having watched much of the match, I can’t say whether I agree or disagree.  What I can say is that not a single player on the Spartans has ever embellished about anything so I can only believe them.  Clubber Lang isn’t impressed and Captain Hughes thinks that by half-time, RonalDuy will be saying this.

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