Week 4 Results

Now I know how the Washington Generals felt playing against the Harlem Globetrotters.  On Wednesday night it was the D-Mentors playing the role of the Globetrotters against a venomless Cobra Kai team.  The D-Mentors struck first and struck often in the opening half.  After scoring the 7th goal, Burinski and Altinian celebrated by chest bumping all the way back to the centre circle.  They must’ve gotten 10 of them in.  Christy was in a party mood and was seen dancing the Samba a few times.  At half-time, he was doing his dance in front of a seated Prem who said “this is awkward, knock it off”.  Burinski intervened and said “It’s fine, keep going”.  Much like Germany vs Brazil in 2014, the second half needed to be played but the game was lost.  Cobra Kai managed to salvage some pride and only lost 8-4, having been down 7-2 at half-time.  We lived to fight another day.

In other action, league leaders Barons FC were held to a 1-1 draw by the Spartans.  Goals came from Zach and JJ respectively.  Clubber Lang is now riding a 2 game win streak as they beat the Renegades 6-4.

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