Week 14 Preview

Many people have asked about week 14 and why it’s the same as week 15.  The schedule is generated randomly and if you were to ask Leonard Mlodinow, he’d tell you this is an example of how randomness rules our lives.

Rivalries are sure to form over the next 2 weeks.  Cobra Kai and Clubber Lang expected to be rivals for the title of “Best 80’s name” but true competition never really developed because Cobra Kai were the clear winners.  On the field it’s been a different story though, as Clubber Lang won both times these teams met, albeit in less than impressive fashion.  Cobra Kai needs to hold the midfield to prevent the Clubber offense from having their way.  That’s a big ask and we’ll see if they’re up to the task.

The Spartans will look to climb out of the basement at the expense of the D-Mentors.  Markos warned us that JJ and J are a formidable duo but Prem responded by saying “I have 2 back pockets, 1 for each of them.”  The gauntlet has been laid down.  The D-Mentors haven’t been getting the bounces lately and if half of the posts they hit went in the net, they’d have a few more wins under the belt.

Barons will be looking to pull away from the pack with a double over the Renegades.  They have a great system and have been in first place since the season began.  Seamus is as gleeful as a schoolboy whenever he scores and Renegades can’t let him go to town on them.  They’ve got the team not only to stop Barons, but take the game to them.  It’s expected that all of their players have recovered from the Cobra Flu of last week so stand back, the Renegades are coming!

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