Transfer Scandal Rocks League

Last week we reported that Spartans had negotiated the transfer of John Altinian from D-Mentors for an undisclosed fee.  This week, controversy was sparked when it was claimed that the money was never sent.  Spartans captain Duy Nguyen was adamant that he did in fact send payment to D-Mentors.  John Burinski tells us that he doesn’t know if the money was sent, but he knows he didn’t get it.

The TCL has had some scandals, but never on this level.  Everyone remembers last season’s TAA team and the parade of illegal players they used, however money was never involved.  If both Duy and John are telling the truth, does that mean someone intercepted the transfer?  When Prem said he had Altinian in his back pocket, we all thought he meant he could cover him on the pitch.  Could it be that he really meant he had the Altinian transfer fee in his back pocket?  A meeting was held last night to discuss the matter.  Although it was cold out, Prem wore a luxurious chinchilla coat to keep him warm.  When the meeting ended, his driver pulled up in a Mercedes S600.  I’m satisfied that Prem had nothing to do with this.

With the lack of evidence of a payment, the league has no choice but to rule in favour of D-Mentors.  In addition to Altinian staying with the team, D-Mentors were awarded a player from Spartans and they chose Faiz Moosafur.  Both players will suit up for the D-Mentors tonight.  Despite their actions, the Spartans still they came out good.  They’ll be getting Sam Modarresi and Arsalan Noorafkan.  Who says crime doesn’t pay?

The Spartans and D-Mentors are set to play back-to-back games.  You don’t want to miss it!

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