Week 13 Preview

A lot of people consider the number 13 to be unlucky but not everyone.  Croatians, Italians and Chinese all consider the number to be a lucky one.  One thing is for sure, week 13 will be memorable.

For those who watch Letterkenny, you’ll have heard of the Native Flu.  A lot of the hockey players are scared to play the Natives so they come down with a case of the “flu” before the game starts.  First it was the Spartans and now it’s the Renegades who have the “Cobra Flu”.  Half their team has come down with the flu in advance of their game against Cobra Kai.  When asked for a statement, Captain Theo Blanchard did not return our calls.

The D-Mentors will have a different look to them tonight as they welcome Sam Modarresi to the team.  The addition of the playmaker will mean someone else needs to move forward to score goals.  Having played the D-Mentors they’re full of players who can score and if attendance is strong they can beat anyone.  The Barons were brought back down to earth last week in what can only be described as a mauling. However they’re first place for a reason and they’ll look to show it tonight.

Spartans have the unenviable task of taking on high flying Clubber Lang, who represent the bear in the picture above.  The addition of John Altinian is a game changer though and they’ll be full of confidence as a result.  Attendance and form have been missing in recent weeks and they need to turn it around.  It might not be the best time to face Clubber Lang though.  Watching their performance against Barons last week was like this:

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