Week 11 Preview

Barons FC sit atop the TCL standings with 22 points.  An impressive 5-2 victory over the Spartans answered any questions around how they’d deal with the loss of Winnett.  Ash Connor has been making bold claims to Sam Shareski and Ivan Gojmerac about the upcoming match against Cobra Kai.  His multiple unprovoked attacks have been largely ignored by the Cobra Kai duo on the 3rd floor.  “We’ll respond to his aggressive behavior on the pitch” said Shareski.

Clubber Lang look to upset D-Mentors in the other 6 pm matchup.  Dan Newman and Prem Chattani had a verbal exchange at the pre-game press conference.  Newman said “this game will be like England vs Scotland, you’re Scotland.”  Prem responded with “Remember Braveheart my jolly good fellow.”

In the primetime match, Renegades take on Spartans.  With a win they could climb as high as second place depending on how D-Mentors do.  The cameras found Natasha Trabulsey who said “this is a good warm up match for next week when we face D-Mentors.”

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