Week 10 Results

When historians look back on 2016, they will surely highlight the significant events such as; the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, the whacky U.S. Presidential election, Leo finally getting his Oscar, and of course Barons FC being crowned the Fall Champs! But 2017 brings a fresh slate, and a push for the TCL playoffs!

The Week 10 matchup between Barons and Spartans began off the field with both teams debating who was actually more out of shape from the break. (It was deemed a draw). Finally the whistle blew on this tilt with Spartans not wasting any time. JJ asserted dominance early with a run and a shot on goal. Keeper Brad Hughes battling a bout of the norovirus made the incredible save! On the other end, Seamus Lynott and Victor Cristiano crashing the net. Seamus put a dazzling move on the Spartan defender, crossed the ball, ended up being about ¼ over the goal line when Vic finished it off. GOAL!!! ! Late in the 1st half, with Duy taking a corner, looking for his partner in crime, no one is really sure what Captain Callahan was doing but it wasn’t covering Mario has the shifty lefty booted a missile into the back of the net. 1-1 deadlock at half.

In the 2nd half, Baron’s desperate to fill the hole left by the departed Andrew Winnett, moved John Di Re up from defense to midfield. John wasted no time in netting two absolutely stunning goals back to back like the Blue Jays in 92/93. 3-1! Spartans were down, but not out. Pressure coming from Nico Ress and Yi Nan Tang led to a clutch snipe trickling past the goal  3-2. Rookie sensation Zach Siewart was quoted on the Baron’s sideline as saying “Well, good thing we got 2”. Baron’s new addition Mohit Talwar would add one final nail in the coffin at the final whistle. Barons 5 DEF Spartans 2.


New look Clubber Lang came into their match against the Renegades with high expectations. Newly acquired mid-field Andrew Winnett was looking to change this team’s fortune. Meanwhile the Renegades were hoping to maintain the momentum they had built in the latter half of 2016.

The Renegades had Brett Baker back in the line-up and it helped them a great deal as he scored the first two goals of the game via similar fashion, solo runs with top corner shots. Top marks for the defender as the Clubber Lang keeper had no chance on both goals. However this wasn’t the Clubber Lang of old and they responded in kind with Dan Newman and Alex Wong both scoring to tie the game up at two.

In the dying moments of the game Baker found Fernando Ayala with a sensational pass and he scored the winner. This was a very close game and it really could have gone either way, Clubber Lang has a lot to look forward to and The Renegades continue to roll. Renegades win 3-2.


Cobra Kai still remember their 8-4 drubbing at the hands of the D-Mentors earlier in the season.  They lined up with a full squad while D-Mentors had only one substitute.  Before the game, both team’s drank cans of red bull and that set the tone for a high paced game.  There were on a number of good scoring opportunities on both ends, but the best came from John Altinian.  Cobra Kai turned the ball over in the opposition half and a quick pass sent Altinian on a breakaway.  We’d have all bet on the outcome but no one told Mutlu who blocked the effort and knocked it off of the post and out for a corner kick.  The Cobra Kai players swarmed Mutlu because it’s not every day you stop Altinian.  It was 0-0 at the half.

The red bull wore off in the second half and it was played at a much slower pace. The game went from run and gun to a tactical battle and both teams were well organized.  The breakthrough came mid-way through the half when Metin received a pass from the left.  The looping ball bounced up and hit Metin’s hand who then half-volleyed it into the net.  Was it ball to hand or hand to ball?  This writer thinks that Cobra Kai got away with one.  Cobra Kai needed a second and it came minutes later when Rogelio sent a side-kick from the centre line of the field to an unmarked Leon Perelman who headed in majestically.  This writer doesn’t know what was more impressive, the pass or the final touch.

D-Mentors pressed forward but couldn’t score. Some key defensive blocks by Ted Guo and great saves by Mutlu kept D-Mentors at bay.  The final result was 2-0 Cobra Kai.

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