Week 1 Preview

Welcome everyone to another great year of OTPP soccer! First off a big thank you to the two commissioners of the league for putting everything together, Ivan Gojmerac and David Ashton have done a fantastic job and we all appreciate their efforts!

For those that are new to the league we normally have a small write up recapping games and calling out key players and interesting circumstances. Because there are no games we’ll simply talk about some the teams and all the anticipation surrounding this season.

Duy and Mario are back on the same team (The Black Team) – better known as Batman and Robin, you can decide which is who – they’ll have the assistance of John Altinian this year who after a few years hiatus has re-joined the league. It’s good to have you back John!

David Ashton has rebuilt his team from ashes and has a new crop of players on OTPP United. He’ll have “Pistol” Pauly and Natasha “Hot Foot” Trabulsey along with perhaps one of the most exciting players in the league, JJ “Half Man-Half Amazing”, covering defense.

Bad Apples head into this season as one of the favorites and for good reason. This team can really move the ball folks! Look out for Sean Kinsella in the midfield!

There are so many questions to answer and so little soccer time to be had, get your popcorn ready because it’s going to be a fun ride! Enjoy the first week of games everyone!

-Fernando “Loudmouth” Ayala


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