The Semi-Finals are set with Blue Lightning taking on Whitewalkers and Maestros battling the Bad Apples.  Both of these games will kick-off at 6 pm.  In the 5th place game, OTPP Utd lineup against The Black Team.

Semi-Final 1 – Blue Lightning vs Whitewalkers

Blue Lightning enter the semi-final after an intense, emotional battle against the Black Team.  In the highest scoring quarter-final pairing, they came out on top 11-8 on aggregate.  Everyone on the field stepped up the intensity but in particular it was Scott Kamins and Vince Castronovo who reached zen-like conscientiousness, elevated themselves and firmly put their marks on this game.  Bragging rights in the Infrastructure group belong to them for the summer.

Whitewalkers showed that even though winter has ended, their run for the championship hasn’t.  They beat top seed Bad Apples 4-2 in the first leg, having led 4-0 at one point.  The Bad Apples didn’t see it coming and had they not scored twice late, the second leg would’ve been a much more daunting task.  They managed to win that second leg 2-0 thereby winning the series on away goals.  The Whitewalkers still secured the wild card spot though, and they’ll be ready for Blue Lightning.

Semi-Final 2 – Maestros vs Bad Apples

Maestros entered the quarter-finals as underdogs but emerged as winners over a tough OTPP Utd team.  While the first leg finished 1-1, it was the Metinho show in the second as he scored an impressive 5 goals in a 6-1 romp.  He overcame his fear of little rubber pellets and let loose on Brad Hughes in the Utd net.  Were the Maestros playing possum in the second half of the season?

Bad Apples came precariously close to choking after a massively successful regular season.  As mentioned above, they battled with Whitewalkers.  They overcame that hurdle.  Next they had to face the prospect of a forfeit due to a work event the day of the semi-final.  They overcame that hurdle as well.  The next hurdle will be Metinho’s Maestros.  Will they finally trip up and fall on their faces?

5th Place – OTPP Utd vs The Black Team

This game could’ve been the final but it wasn’t meant to be.  Both teams are strong and competitive but playing for 5th place probably won’t mean much to them.  Hopefully they can put the playoffs behind them and finish the season in style.


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