A Look Forward To Next Year

In 2016/17, the OTPP Champions League is moving to a new home.  The Hangar at Downsview Park will host this collection of superstars!  Some of the top reasons we’re moving include:

  1. Higher quality facility – fields, ventilation, change rooms
  2. More convenient location – 15 minute drive, 45 minute TTC ride from the office
  3. All game are from 6 to 8 pm on Wednesdays
  4. More room for league growth

One big change from last year is that we’re limiting the number of players per team.  This will ensure that everyone gets enough playing time.  The fields at the Hangar are larger and can accommodate 7 a side, which is 6 players plus the goalkeeper.  We’re limiting teams to 10 players which means that at most, there will be 3 subs per game.  We’ll also take into account attendance history when we set the teams.  This will help ensure that we don’t have teams who are always full while at the same time have teams who are often short players.

To guarantee your spot, send your $100 deposit to Ivan Gojmerac.  It’s fully refundable, in case something in your life changes and you can no longer play.  To make a deposit, please contact Ivan directly.


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