Preseason Schedule

Welcome to a brand new season of the Teachers’ Soccer League! We have 8 teams competing for glory, with 17 new players joining us in the quest.

We’re trying something new during the preseason. Traditionally we’ve played a 7 v 7 and that’s still what we’ll do for week 1 of the preseason. For week 2, we’re going to try a 6 v 6. This will allow for increased space to play and more running which will in turn lead to more efficient subs. We’ll assess after week 2 before any decisions are made.

Here’s the schedule:

  • October 2nd (7 v 7)
    • 6 pm
      • Bluepers vs Pink Panthers
      • Golden Girls vs sTEAL Your Thunder
    • 7 pm
      • Sky Eiffel 65 vs Red Army
      • Quicksilver vs Walter Whites
  • October 9th (6 v 6)
    • 6 pm
      • Quicksilver vs Sky Eiffel 65
      • Red Army vs Bluepers
    • 7 pm
      • Walter Whites vs Golden Girls
      • sTEAL Your Thunder vs Pink Panthers

See you all on October 2nd!

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