2018/19 Player Awards

It’s time to hand out player awards for the 2018/19 season. The awards were voted on by the 8 team captains who had to choose between 40 nominations! While there are many worthy winners, we can only pick 1 in each category so here we go.

League Ambassador Award

This award goes to the player who most exemplifies the spirit of the league in everything they do and the winner is Valeria Nunez! What makes Valeria really stand out is the effort she put into recruitment of new players. This helped the league grow to over 100 players with at least a dozen more on the waiting list. Congratulations Valeria!

Most Improved Player

This award goes to the player who most stood out in their development from the prior year and the winner is Hans Wang! His composure on the ball and the calming influence that he had on his teams performance really stood out. He also contributed 6 goals in the Sharks march to the championship match. Congratulations Hans!

Rookie of the Year

This award goes to a player who was new to the league, even if they aren’t new to the game and that player is Vincent Xie! He was a key player for championship winning Crush and a nightmare for opposing defenders. He scored more than half of his teams goals and in a season of many great new players, he stood out the most. Congratulations Vincent!

Golden Gloves Award

This award goes to the top goalkeeper and in a year when all the keepers performed admirably, it was a difficult choice. The winner is Murat Cokgezen! Crush only conceded 30 goals on their way to the championship and that was in large part due to Murat and his 8 clean sheets. A class act on and off the field. Congratulations Murat!

Player of the Year

This award goes to the player who performed at the highest level and that player is Dillon Suresh! He won the golden boot as the league’s top goalscorer with 22 goals in 21 games. In every one of those games he was double or even triple teamed but he played right through it without flinching. When he wasn’t scoring he was setting up his teammates and making everyone around him a better player. Congratulations Dillon!

Thank you to everyone for making this league so much fun. A special thanks is owed to all the captains for their efforts every week, without which we could not have such a great league. With that, it’s time to sign off on the 2018/19 season.

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