Player of the Year

Every year the captains get together to vote on a player of the year.  There’s always a handful of nominations with many strong arguments for all of them.  We can only choose one though.

The 2017/18 TISL Player of the Year is Dillon Suresh! 

Dillon was a force everywhere on the pitch.  Although a defender by nature, he finished as top goalscorer with 25 goals in 22 matches.  The dedication he showed to his team and the league was outstanding.  He was both a great teammate and competitor.  It’s not just what he did on the pitch, but also his positive attitude in embracing the league and everyone in it.

What many people don’t know is that Dillon’s story almost never was.  The league had room for 72 players and Dillon was number 72.  In addition to that, he joined after the draft was complete and it was only because Lightning was one player short that he donned the yellow jersey.  Seven months later and that Lightning team were crowned champions.

Last season’s POTY and Dillon’s teammate Seamus Lynott had this to say:  “It’s much easier to score goals when you have a teammate like Dillon to do everything else for you.”  Praise from Caesar.

Congratulations Dillon.  Good luck in school and you’ll always have a place in this league.


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