3 Weeks Left

With 3 weeks left, there are 4 teams battling for 1st.  Suffering opposite fortunes, Maestros and Whitewalkers will finish 5th & 6th.  That won’t deter them though, because it’s the playoffs that matter.

Maestros v Blue Lightning

Blue Lightning leads the season series 2-1 and if they want to finish first, they can’t drop points to the Maestros.  For their part, the Maestros need to get back on track and build confidence for the playoffs.  Metin and Ivan, once brothers, now rivals.

Prediction: 3-2 Lightning

OTPP Utd vs Bad Apples

The Bad Apples have been in first place since January and that won’t change this week.  United linger 4 points behind and must win to stand a chance of finishing first.  They haven’t beaten the Apples in 3 attempts this season, but current form suggests that’s about to change. Paulinho vs Kinsella, who will be the more lucky Irishman on the day?

Prediction: 2-1 OTPP Utd

The Black Team vs Whitewalkers

The Black Team needs to pick themselves up after last week’s hard loss.  The Whitewalkers will hopefully be welcoming back some key players who have been unavailable in recent weeks.  Raghav vs Charles, who will be the difference?

Prediction: 5-3 Black Team


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