With only four weeks left in the regular season it’s time for teams to start looking at the playoff picture. Due to the expansion to six teams, the playoff format will be slightly modified from last season.

All 6 teams will make the playoffs. Matchups will be 1v6, 2v5, 3v4. The first round will be a two-legged playoff, with the higher ranked team playing their “home” game second. Winners of the two-legged playoff will advance as well as the best second place team. The remaining two teams will play a two-legged game for fifth place.

Tie breakers for the first round will be: goal differential, away goals for.

Teams will be reseeded for semi-final matchups. Semi finals, third-place match and championship game will all be single-game elimination. These games will end 5 minutes early to allow for penalty shots in the event of a draw.

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