2017/18 Season Kick-off

The 2017/18 season kicks-off on Wednesday night.  This season has the most players ever and the buzz has never been higher.  Every team starts the season with high hopes but also a lot of uncertainty.  With so many new players, it’s hard to predict how the games will go, but we’ll try anyway.

Red Bulls FC vs Emerald FC (6 pm)

The Red Bulls kick off the season against Emeralds.  Paul Callahan and Dave Ashton are reunited and beware to all those who enter their defensive domain.  Never known as the cleanest duo in the league, expect Emeralds to have the strongest defense in the league. Ivan Gojmerac has had to do endure a week of provocations and insults from these two that would make Conor MacGregor blush.  Ivan took it all in stride and didn’t get worked up because……John Altinian.  See you at the Hangar Pauly.

Nightmare FC vs Direwolves FC (6pm)

If Nightmares logo doesn’t scare you then nothing will.  The scary green blob men will take on Direwolves to open the season.  Natasha has built a well balanced team and you’d be hard pressed to find a weakness.  Standing in their way to a dream start are Direwolves who many consider to be favourites for the title this year.  Captain Alex Wong disagreed though.  “More like heavy favourites” is what he said.

Lightning Strike FC vs Vaders FC (7 pm)

The primetime match sees Lightning take on Vaders.  Rumour has it that Darth Vader’s suit was specially designed by the Emperor to make him more susceptible to lighting strike.  Is this a foreshadowing of what’s to come?  On the pitch, the Lightning have a formidable force in Seamus Lynott and Dillon Suresh.  A duo this good hasn’t been seen since Lennon and McCartney.  Meanwhile, Vaders possess a highly coveted midfield in Andrew Winnett and Bob Tian.  The latter used to be a coop student and has returned as a full grown adult ready to showcase his skills.

Week 1 should give us a better idea of where everyone stands.  Good luck to all the teams and may this season be the best one yet!

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