Week 1 Game Reports

The first five minutes of the Emeralds versus Red Bulls game was like being transported from the Hangar to the streets of Pamplona Spain, as the Red Bulls ran a relentless attack. Red Bull mid Mohit Talwar led the attack moving the ball up the left wing and threaded the needed to an awaiting John Di Re who fired a low hard shot on net…right into the bread basket of keeper Frank Alimena.  To the shock of all in attendance, it would be the Emeralds who would open the scoring first on a beautiful counter from Faiz Moosfaur, first of his young career. If you listened carefully, you could actually hear the sound of the floodgates bursting. A few minutes later, Emerald on a corner, the ball somehow trickled by every player on the field except the sprawling Paul Callahan who managed to get a toe on the ball as trickled into the net.  2-0 Emeralds at half!

The second half went from soccer match to track meet as both teams opened up.  Emerald did Sam Modarresi controlled the midfield setting up a pair of cheeky goals from Victor Cristiano and Mario Vega despite a diving effort from Murat Cokgezen.  Seeing red, Ivan Gojmerac pushed forward creating space and making runs into the Emeralds box. A strong header from Ivan went just over the net. David Ashton noted that Frankie probably would have stopped it anyway though.  In the end, Red Bulls would not be denied as a late goal from John Altinian lassoed the shut-out!

5-1 Emeralds Win!

Paul C

Nightmare FC took the field against Direwolves in the other 6 pm game. Things looked good up until half-time where Nightmare held a lead of 3-2.  If the game ended then they’d have the 3 points but the second half had to be played.  Direwolves lived up to their tag of heavy favourites by scoring 3 unanswered goals to win 5-3.

Ivan G

The primetime game lived up to the hype, as those who stayed behind will attest (shout out to Faiz). Lightning strike came out early and Dillon scored a header which would have made Lebron jealous, hops gallor! The rest of the half was back and forth but at halftime it was 1-0 for Lightning strike.

2nd half opened up with Andrew Winnett making a run up the wing and scoring. Later on in that half Vaders FC got caught on a counter by Dillon and he blew by two defenders and mauled Frankie for the goal. Not to be outdone Vaders came back late in the half as Andrew Winnett scored a second from the wing again!

2-2 draw was the result in a highly competitive game!


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